Vashan is the main antagonist in the first season of The Elephant Princess. He has magic like his cousin but his magic is the colour purple. He is Alex's cousin. He wanted the throne of Manjipoor, but with Alex in the way, he couldn't assume it, due to her being princess and the rightful heir to the throne. Therefore, throughout the season, he attempts to kill/banish Alex in an attempt to gain the rights to the throne.He still has the royal privileges as servants #diva .

He fails numerous times.he. Eventually, when Alex gives up becoming princess, he assumes the throne. However, he is struck down, drained of magic, and imprisoned by his former helper Diva. In his weakened state, he eventually helps Alex and Omar by showing them the symbol with the power of regaining magic. After Diva is defeated he regains his magic and is somewhat redeemed. He is last seen in the dancing crowd in the musical number that concludes Season 1. His ultimate fate is unknown, though it's assumed he returned to Manjipoor.