"The New Recruit" is the second episode of Season 2 in The Elephant Princess. It first aired on 13 February 2011.

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Cast Edit

  • Emily Robins as Alex Wilson
  • Miles Szanto as Kuru
  • Maddy Tyers as Amanda Tucci
  • Eka Darville as Taylor
  • Emelia Burns as Diva
  • Georgina Haig as Zamira
  • Richard Brancatisano as Caleb
  • Alexandra Park as Veronica
  • Romy Poulier as Gemma
  • Paige Maddison as Holly
  • Sebastian Angborn as Senq
  • Kylie Morris as Ms. Getz
  • Chris Hiller as Tony
  • Marea Lambert Barker as Elah
  • Rachael Everett as Young Zamira
  • Benjamin Lyvidikos as Young Caleb
  • Siam as Anala

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