Vashan 1x01

Full Title

Lord Vashan





First Episode

"Coming of Age" (1x01)

Last Episode

"Normal Alex Wilson" (1x26)

Color of Powers

Purple or Red

Season 1

He is Alex`s evil cousin and is always trying to put himself on the throne of Manjipoor. He has an "assistant" Diva, a sorceress like him. Both want the throne for themselves. Vashan is a very powerful sorcerer, he is capable of using combat magic. He can duel many people with a wave of his hand.

Powers and skills Edit

He can sense people and send them away to any place he desired and he could fight. His powers are purple and could've been turned red if he had ascended to the throne of Manjipoor. He also pretends to be on Omar's side but is not.


  • Princess Alex - Vashan's cousin
  • Diva - Vashan's assistant, turned enemy when Diva stole his powers