Kuru elephant princess

Season 1: Entrance to the Old World Edit

Kuru and the royal elephant, Anala, appear in Alex's backyard. They tell her she is the Princess of Manjipoor, that she has magic, and they have come to take her home. He was her teacher and taught her all about Manjipoor and her magical powers. Kuru is a very good fighter and fiercely loyal to Alex.

In Season 1 Episode 2, "Don't Call Me Princess", Alex finds proof that she was adopted by the Wilsons. Upset by the revelation, she accidentally erases her family from existence. With the help of Kuru, she tries to do her first piece of intentional magic to bring everything back to normal. Kuru enrolls in Alex's school to keep her safe at all time.

He is also an excellent fighter and skilled in martial arts.

Season 2 Edit


Season 2