Vital statistics
Title Diva The sorcerer
Gender Female
Race Powerful
Faction Unknown
Health Fine
Level High
Status Nothing
Location Mnjipoor
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Diva is a powerful sorceress, but Alex proved her royal magic is stronger than Diva's magic in the Season 1 Finale. 

Diva has orange magic.

Season 1 Edit

Diva started out as a mere servant to Vashan, but she secretly had magical powers and was a powerful sorceress who longed for a claim to the throne of Manjipoor. As revealed in the Season 1 Finale, she was the one who killed the King Of Manjipoor. She also had tried numerous times to kill the former Queen Nefari.

Season 2Edit

.In the second Season Premire, she returns to Manjipoor, ready to claim her freedom. She still has powerful magic, but she wants to possess the most powerful magic in the world -- Dark Magic. She seeks help from the children of the keeper of dark magic, Zamira and Caleb. Eventually she succesfully contains and controls it, claiming the palace, too. Overall Diva is a dangerous, powerful, evil sorceress capeable of doing horrible things, as leader, and dictator of Manjipoor, -- which she is as of Episode 2-13 where she finally gets dark magic, attempts to kill Alex, takes the palace, and returns to Manjipoor with the book of Dark Magic -the forbidden book of eenook.

Elephant Princess Season 2 Diva Reads The Book (translated!)07:18

Elephant Princess Season 2 Diva Reads The Book (translated!)

Elephant Princess Season 2 Diva and the Dark Magic Ritual07:31

Elephant Princess Season 2 Diva and the Dark Magic Ritual

The Elephant Princess - Emelia Burns (Diva) Interview00:34

The Elephant Princess - Emelia Burns (Diva) Interview

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