Alex Wilson
Princess robes alex

Full Title

Princess Liliuokalani Parasha Kaled Persphone Amanirenas (Alex) of Manjipoor





First Episode

"Coming of Age" (1x01)

Last Episode

"Sacrifice" (2x26)

Color of Powers

Green / Red in Season 2

Intro Edit

Alexandra Wilson is a normal girl living in an average suburb. She is a great singer/songwriter. She's funny and driven. Alex's band is her life, and her band-mates - expressive Amanda Tucci, and realist J.B. Deekes - are her best friends. There's also Marcus, their lead guitarist. He's a year older, and rather attractive. Alex has two grounded parents: Anita and Jim, and one very self-centered younger sister - Zoe. Life is very normal. Edit

Season 1 Edit

Alex has had a history of causing strange, somewhat magical events. Fortunately, she's been able to conceal, ignore, or deny them all. But then a young man dressed in exotic robes (Kuru), with a decorated adult elephant (Anala - who has a tendency to vanish occasionally) arrive in Alex's backyard. Kuru explains Alex is actually Princess Liliuokalani Parasha Khaled Persphone Amanirenas of Manjipoor. Edit

Alex does not believe Kuru, even though she admits something weird is going on (but not magical), and asks Kuru and Anala to leave, but they refuse. They are under the Royal command of Omar, Chief Advisor to the late Queen Nefari, to bring the Princess home to rule her kingdom. Edit

Kuru's mission is made easier when Alex's parents accept him as an "exchange student" and he is invited to stay in their home. He does his best to fit in at Alex's school. Alex keeps her identity as a Princess a secret from everybody but Amanda and J.B., but it's an ongoing struggle concealing a willful elephant in her backyard. Edit

The recent revelation by Omar of the existence of Manjipoor's Princess shocks and threatens Vashan - the last royal relative in a conflicted and dying dynasty, who fully expected to rule when Queen Nefari died. Aided by his skilful servant Diva, Vashan acts at first subtly, then overtly to prevent his cousin, Alex, from claiming her inheritance. Edit

Back in "The Old World" (our world), Kuru's persistence begins to have an effect. Alex begins to practice and accept her magic - and it often goes awry. She uses her magic to rectify some teenage-related issues as well as bend the occasional rule, but she draws the line at using magic in her music or for the band. She believes they have to prove themselves without it. Edit

Following an encounter in Manjipoor where Alex learns some of the history of her real mother, Queen Nefari, and is introduced first-hand to Vashan's enmity, Alex recognizes the strong qualities she has developed and the need for her in Manjipoor. Edit

At the same time, Alex's band is improving. They get gigs, and Alex's confidence as a singer increases. Alex finds the pull from both worlds conflicting. When Vashan becomes increasingly bold in his endeavours to undermine and overtake Alex, his actions cause a series of stunning revelations affecting the lives of Alex, Kuru, Anala, and Omar and the future of Manjipoor. Edit